Planet Fitness Responds To ‘Break Up’ Letter From Member With Note Of Their Own

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Maybe breakups don’t always have to be awful and one-sided?

Earlier this week, we shared a story about a former member of Planet Fitness and his heartfelt letter to his former fitness facility. He moved and the gym wouldn’t take his cancellation request over the phone.

Planet Fitness received his letter and sent back their own handwritten reply.

Planet Fitness Break Up Letter Reply

In case you can’t read the note, here’s what it says…

“Dear Old Flame,

We received your letter today, thanks again for writing. We don’t take big life changes like this lightly and if it’s not in writing or in person, it just doesn’t count. While we are sad to see you go, we understand. People change, hot new trends come and go and life … gets in the way sometimes. We will still be here if you change your mind. As far as your current life choices go and who you are spending your time with now – we aren’t judging (we never would).

We just want to make sure you are pacing yourself while you are gone – you know, no one really cares for you like we do. I think we can both admit that our time together was fun, easy and non-intimidating. We’ll miss our Monday night pizza dates and always pushing each other to reach our goals.

You know what they say though, if you love something set it free … You’ll come back, they always do.

Yours Always,

Planet Fitness”

I think this brings a nice closure to the relationship. Until PF sees him working out at another gym and slashes his tires.