This Planet Fitness ad on hot girls at the gym misses the point

Apparently this video was the ad running before yesterday’s episode of the Guyism Speed Round. In it, hot girls are at the gym talking but a “regular” gym-goer is horrified by their behavior. Bad job by the ad.

Perhaps these girls are overusing the word “hot,” fine. But should we be mad at them for the hard work they put in at the gym or the pride they take in their appearances? Should we villainize these innocent women for being so complimentary to each other and their well-earned praise? Or should we be mad at the creepy woman sitting there in her towel staring resentfully until she puts on her plaid shirt and goes to complain about the women behind their backs?

I’m taking the unnamed hot girl gym, everyday. Also newsflash, Planet’re still a gym. No business for you.