The Full Version Of Viral Hit ‘Planet Of The Bass’ Is Here And It’s Officially The Song Of The Summer

Planet of the Bass music video

Kyle Gordon—YouTube

The music industry has historically produced a track that eventually earns the hallowed title of “Song of the Summer,” a distinction reserved for the tune that unofficially serves as the anthem of the hottest months of the year.

You could argue there hasn’t really been an undisputed Song of the Summer since Lil Nas X firmly secured that honor with “Old Town Road” in 2019 (which was really just the Song of the Year), and while it seemed like that cold streak would continue into 2023, comedian Kyle Gordon treated us to an instant contender back in July with a short clip of a Europop parody dubbed “Planet of the Bass.”

“Planet of the Bass” expertly toes the line between a spot-on satire of the tracks that surfaced overseas before taking the world by storm in the late 1990s and early 2000s and A Certified Banger, as the song credited to the fictional “DJ Crazy Times & Ms. Biljana Electronica” really has no business being as good as it is when you consider the entire thing was meant to be a joke.

Gordon has spent the past few weeks teasing the release of a full-length version of “Planet of the Bass” while dropping a couple of videos where Ms. Biljana Electonica (who is voiced by Chrissi Poland but was originally portrayed by Shakira lookalike Audrey Trullinger) is played by different women as a nod to the Europop acts who had a tendency to rotate members without doing much to acknowledge the turnover.

Prior to August 15th, anyone who wanted to blast off to the Planet of the Bass had to rely on replaying the 51-second snippet on repeat, but on Tuesday, Gordon released the full version with an accompanying music video (which thankfully features the original Ms. Biljana Electronica) that—at least in my opinion—more than lived up to the lofty expectations surrounding it.

There is truly nothing to be sad now that this exists.

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