The Most Polite Kid On TikTok Tried Hot Chocolate For The First Time And His Reaction Is Perfect

Grey Polite TikTok Kid

I know that I’m late to discovering this one, but maybe some of you all are as well. Grey, a two-year-old TikTok star, has his own page dedicated to his manners. The majority of his videos include his mother, out of frame, handing her son some sort of elaborate food dish, to which he graciously responds with a kind thank you. In the most recent, Grey is getting his first taste of hot chocolate.

I have never met anyone who didn’t like hot chocolate, but if you’re out there, come forward. My twitter handle is @GsonJW, and I would be curious to hear what you don’t enjoy about warm, chocolate, creamy tastiness tickling your tastebuds on a cold winter’s day. Throw a couple (half a bag) of marshmallows on there, stir it up with one of those rolled wafer cookies… *chefs kiss*

I digress. Grey is not an unstable lunatic and enjoyed the delicious drink. His reaction is priceless.

The way he says “oh my gosh” and places his hand on his chest is truly precious. Grey’s pure bliss is exactly the response that a first taste of hot chocolate deserves and I hope he gets all of the cocoa goodness in the world.

Not only does his mom cook up a bunch of nutritious meals, but her presentation helps make the aesthetic come full circle for TikTok. Some of the dishes include hopping bunny pancakes, a meat and veggie charcuterie, ribs and veggies, a steak platter and eggs. To tie it all together, Grey’s polite demeanor is the star of the show.

Never change, Grey.

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