Poop Trail Seen From Space Help Scientists Discover 1.5 Million Penguin Super-Colony In Antarctica

by 12 months ago


Scientists were able to discover a previously unknown super-colony of penguins because the ice birds left a trail of poop that was so incredibly large that it was seen from a NASA satellite in space. Talk about leaving your mark. A previously undiscovered super-colony of 1.5 million penguins was found by scientists on the remote Danger Islands off the coast of Antarctica. Ace Ventura would be proud.

guano ace ventura

Ace Ventura

A NASA satellite took images of Earth in 2014 and scientists noticed a strange coloring on the Danger Islands. Scientists determined the coloring was from a massive amount of penguin poop. Who amongst us hasn’t had a dump that was so enormous that it might be able to be seen from outer space? “Until recently, the Danger Islands weren’t known to be an important penguin habitat,” Heather Lynch, one of the authors of the new study that was published in the open-source journal Scientific Reports this week.