Fight Breaks Out At Popeyes In Maryland During Chicken Sandwich Frenzy

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

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We are having an internal debate here at BroBible today. Some of my colleagues are claiming the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich is the most overrated fast food item in history because at the end of the day it’s only a $4 chicken sandwich that’s pretty good but not good enough to get killed over.

Yes, someone has already been stabbed to death over a dispute involving the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich and skipping the line. Now there’s separate footage of a fight erupting at a Popeyes Louisiana Chicken in Maryland which shows two guys brawling behind the counter with the employees shocked and dismayed at WTF is happening.

According to Kenyan K. Southers who posted this clip to Facebook on Sunday, he was at Popeyes Louisiana Chicken to get one of the sandwiches for his daughter. He told the Baltimore Sun “the manager believed to be involved in the fight was being “a little aggressive” with customers”‘ which adds a completely different element to this.

The guy filming the video went on to claim the manager called a female customer “stupid” and “an animal” which allegedly triggered the woman’s husband to jump the counter and confront him. I can’t say I fully understand what led a random customer to jump behind the counter and film a fight at a fast-food restaurant but I’m sure there’s an explanation out there somewhere.



According to Fox News, the guy filming the video had this exchange withe the manager after the fight occurred: ““He looked at me and said ‘these people are crazy,’ and I said, respectfully, it’s not the people, it’s you, you gotta change the way you talk to people,” Southers said. “He said it had been a rough day.””

For what it’s worth, I don’t think the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich is the most overrated fast food item in history. I think that honor goes to the Mulan sauce that Rick and Morty fans were pissing their pants over, that or the McRib which isn’t even good and is only sold when the ingredients are cheap enough. Also, I’d toss the Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets in there. Not because they’re not good.

All of these items are delicious. But because the hype EXTREMELY outweighs the payoff and actual demand for the product. Give us the item, not six months of branded tweets leading up to the release.

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