Boyfriend Creates Genius Use For Popsicle Sticks To Help Girlfriend Struggling With Depression

depressed young woman


Depression doesn’t play favorites. It affects millions of people, from famous actors and Olympians to the average Joe and even young kids. It’s a daily struggle and an ailment that never really goes away.

There are ways to make win the daily fight against depression. Medication helps but maybe not as much as the constant love and support of the people who matter the most. For example, this guy lives with a girlfriend who suffers from crippling depressive episodes and he came up with a unique way to help her cope with everyday life.

He uses popsicle sticks as a daily reminder that life is awesome.

He explains…

“Each ‘category’ is color coded so, for example, orange are inspirational quotes from poets, political figures, philosophers, and humanitarians across time. Yellow reminders are positive words to help you through the day things like “you’re beautiful” and “it’s ok to ask for help” the purple ones are tips to help her relax things like “take a break” while she’s working on her master’s or “listen to your favorite song”. I put a fine tipped sharpie in there with the blank ones so she record moments when she’s the happiest and then she can pull one of those later when she needs it.

This will hopefully help to regain control in some aspects and push her to take breaks and become more focused on herself.”

Here’s an image of the popsicle jar that he uploaded to Reddit.

[protected-iframe id=”c5aea75f7c762ec22d6c05b32cf5b16a-97886205-4801613″ info=”//” class=”imgur-embed-pub”]

Such a simple but effective gesture. It’s the little things that matter, even in a fight against such an unforgiving enemy.

[via Bored Panda]