Watch This Portland Protestor Catch A Tear Gas Cannister With A Lacrosse Stick And Send It Back At Police

Protest in Portland

John Rudoff/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

For those people not paying attention to the unrest in Portland, another day and night of protests rages on in Seattle.

According to CNN, at least 45 people were arrested on Saturday on charges of assaulting officers, obstruction and failure to disperse.

Police said protesters threw large rocks, bottles, fireworks, and other explosives at officers, with officers chucking projectiles of their own.

A few of the protestors realized that catching tear gas canisters is probably dangers so they brought their lacrosse sticks instead.

Watch closely in the upper right-hand corner of the video as one lax bro catches a canister mid-air and tosses it back at the police.

This lax bro isn’t the only protestor who brought his stick to the party. Here’s another protestor scooping up a tear gas can and sending it back over.

The six-block area known as CHOP was taken over by protesters after police abandoned their precinct — the Capitol Hill Organized Protest or Capital Hill Autonomous Zone – as demonstrators demanded justice after the death of George Floyd.

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