Post Malone Can Eat All The Breadsticks He Wants, ‘Cause Dennis Rodman Just Gave Him The Best Gift Ever

Post Malone

YouTube / Fallon

A couple of months ago, rapper Post Malone gave The Olive Garden some awesome free press when he went to the Italian restaurant chain with Jimmy Fallon during a segment onThe Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. It caught everyone a little bit off-guard, but, hey, if that pasta and breadsticks are good enough for Post Malone, they should be good enough for any of us reading this, right? Actually, I may go there tonight after writing this; guess I’ve got a craving now.

After Post Malone chowed some of that Olive Garden Italian food, showing the world just how much he loves the place, one person took notice — Dennis Rodman. And, in classic, and hilarious, fashion, Rodman gifted Malone with a Christmas gift card from the restaurant, filming the exchange on social media. Take a look.

The present from Rodman is cool and all, but, dude, what the hell is Post Malone going to get for $25? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to complain about free food, but “The Worm” could have probably gone with a little bit of a bigger amount. I mean, The Olive Garden is Post Malone’s favorite restaurant!

No word on if Post Malone decided to head to the restaurant immediately after getting the gift card from Rodman, but if I had to guess, I’d say odds were pretty high that he did. Those damn unlimited breadsticks are just too good to get in the way of anything else. OK, I’m out to drive my ass to the classiest Italian chain restaurant known to man.