Post Malone Shows Off His Outrageous Jewelry Collection Including His $1,000,000 Richard Mille Watch

Post Malone

Getty Image / Paras Griffin

It’s virtually impossible to put a label on Post Malone. Sure, you can say he’s ‘a rapper’ but beyond that he’s one of the more unique individuals in the music industry. With that said, just like his peers, Post Malone has an affection for outrageous jewelry.

In addition to the jewelry, Post Malone also loves Crocs so much he launched a collaboration with them that sold out almost instantly when hypebeasts got wind of the hideous streetwear. The man also has an incredible eye for survival because his $3 million Utah compound would 100% survive the zombie apocalypse. But we’re not here to talk about all that, we’re looking at his ice.

This is the second time that Post Malone has appeared as a guest on ‘On The Rocks’ where he shows off his most outrageous pieces and he’s brought his million dollar Richard Mille watch this time. He has an estimated net worth approaching $30 million these days and can pretty much afford any piece of jewelry he wants so it’s interesting to see what he chooses to keep in his collection:

I love how at 24-years-old he’s already become one of the most famous musicians on the planet, is worth tens of millions of dollars, and still comes off as someone who became accidentally rich and still has the nice disposition of someone raised in the Midwest. Of course, he’s not from the Midwest, he’s from Syracuse, but he was clearly brought up well because the dude just comes off as one of the nicest people in the industry, it’s infectious.

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