Better Than Thinking About Baseball: hims Has A Helpful Solution To Help You Last Longer In The Sack And It’s Only $5 To Start

Presented by hims

Premature ejaculation isn’t something that any guy ever wants to admit to, but, unfortunately, too many dudes experience it far too often. Just when you think you’re about to prove that you’re a real stud in the sack, boom, things end abruptly because of the little problem you’ve got. Sorry to say it, but thinking about unicorns or chairs or something to distract your mind from ending too soon just won’t do the trick.

While it’s easy to get discouraged about that premature ejaculation problem you’ve got — which can actually cause more problems because of added stress about performance — there are things you can take control of in order to help fight back. Rather than get frustrated, there’s hims, which is here to help you perform at your peak.


Rather than lose that erection before you want to because of premature ejaculation, hims offers Sertraline pills, which, when taken at a low dosage, doctors have found can help eliminate premature ejaculation, meaning you last longer and everyone leaves happier.

After visiting hims’ site, if approved by a licensed physician that specializes in the field, a prescription is shipped directly to your door each month. It really is that simple to help combat the problem you’re having.

No man wants to leave his partner unsatisfied, so hims conveniently gets guys medical grade products from the simple comfort of their own home, making sure they’re ready for action when the mood is set. Plus, you can sign up for hims for just $5, which is a pretty cheap solution to helping you overcome premature ejaculation.


Sex should be fun for all, so why not try out hims to help you enjoy the pleasure for so much longer than you’ve been experiencing? While you rarely talk about premature ejaculation with your buddies or significant other, popping a simple little pill can help ease your mind from ever having to deal with the problem again. Schwing!


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