Pro Gamer Suffers The Worst Fumble In Madden History That Will Have You Throwing Your Controller

by 1 year ago

This absurd Madden fumble is so ridiculous and enraging that it will have you throwing your controller and it didn’t even happen to you. Professional gamer Big Gucci suffered what may very well be the worst fumble in Madden history. It was a preposterous turnover that changed the fortunes of both teams in the blink of an eye.

Seahawks running back Eddie Lacy had plenty of open real estate as he stormed to the end zone for an apparent touchdown in a Madden 18 game. Steelers’ cornerback Artie Burns takes a dive at Lacy at the 3-yard line, but never comes close to the ball and may have not even touched Lacy’s heels. Despite Lacy seemingly scoring a touchdown by crossing the plane of the goal line, he dropped the ball in the endzone and it was declared a fumble. Pittsburgh linebacker Ryan Shazier snatches up the loose ball and stormed down the field for a touchdown. Big Gucci was supposed to get the TD and go ahead 14-3, but instead changed the entire game and he was now losing 10-7. Brutal.

After suffering the maddening glitch, Big Gucci responded by saying, “MADDEN IS FUCKING TRASH. IM DONE.” That’s one way to react, but the video below is pretty much the only acceptable response to that kind of infuriating Madden malfunction.


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