Airline Selling Stocked Bar Carts From Retired 747s If You Need Tiny Bottles Of White Wine, Cookies, And Slippers

flight attendant

iStockphoto / Sunshine Seeds

Qantas Airlines has been hustling during the lockdown. They are still operating domestic service in Australia and they recently offered a 7-hour ‘Flight To Nowhere’ that sold out in just 10 minutes with some passengers paying up to $2,700 for tickets to fly around Australia and see natural wonders from the air and get some sense of traveling despite taking off + landing at the same airport.

Now they’re selling stocked bar carts. The same bar carts that flight attendants push up and down the aisles of a 747 passing out drinks and snacks and selling premium goods. Normally, I’d hate this and think it’s stupid and gimmicky but Qantas has priced these just right and suddenly I’m thinking to myself that maybe I need a stocked 747 Bar Cart.

There are 1,000 fully-stocked bar carts available. They have been removed from Boeing 747 jets which Qantas has sent to California to be retired. The bar carts are stocked with alcohol, drinks, snacks, and other goodies. The ‘full bar cart’ retailed for $1,474 (it’s already sold out) and includes shipping but there’s also a half cart option for purchase.

The full bar cart includes the following items:


  • 1 x full cart – used (not new)
  • 10 x lightweight plastic drawers – used (not new)
  • 80 x 187ml bottles of white wine (equivalent to 20 standard 750ml bottles)
  • 80 x 187ml bottles of red wine (equivalent to 20 standard 750ml bottles) 
  • 2 x sleeves of Tim Tams
  • 2 x sleeves of savoury biscuits
  • 2 x bottles of champagne
  • 2 x packs of smoked almonds 200g (first class)
  • 4 x amenity kits
  • 2 x First class blankets (Sheridan)
  • 4 x Sleeper suits (2 x M/L and 2 x L/XL).



It’s kind of interesting to see an actual itemized list of what might be in the Qantas bar cart at any given time on the plane. I’m also intrigued by those smoked almonds and what kind of champagne they’re selling because they’ve got some excellent bottles of champagne on their wine website. Seriously, they have everything from Veuve Cliquot to Louis Roederer and not just the bottles we see on domestic flights from Atlanta to Charlotte that give you a headache before you’ve even taken a sip.

Given the interest in these, it’s all but a certainty that Qantas sells more of them in the future. Like I said before, Qantas hustles hard. They have all of their wines available for purchase on their wine website along with a wine club for anyone interested.

For what it’s worth, I fully recognize that the image at the beginning of this article is a flight attendant on an Airbus A380 but I couldn’t find a stock image of a flight attendant on a Boeing 747 that worked, apologies for that.