Quentin Tarantino Explains Why His Movies Don’t Have Love Scenes

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Quentin Tarantino is one of the most influential American directors of all time. Except when it comes to one facet of filmmaking: the love scene.

For whatever reason, Tarantino’s films are noticeably absent of love-making scenes, and according to the man himself, it’s because they’re not part of his “vision of cinema” and that they’re a “pain” to shoot.

Tarantino did caveat his comments by saying that if any of his stories necessitated such a scene, he wouldn’t avoid making it.

“It’s true, sex is not part of my vision of cinema,” Tarantino said. “And the truth is that, in real life, it’s a pain to shoot sex scenes, everyone is very tense. And if it was already a bit problematic to do it before, now it is even more so. If there had ever been a sex scene that was essential to the story, I would have, but so far it hasn’t been necessary,” the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood director said in a recent interview with the Spanish publication Diari ARA.

When looking over Tarantino’s filmography, it’s certainly difficult to find moments that would justify such a scene. The one example that immediately popped into my head would be following the reunion of Django and Broomhilda in 2012’s Django Unchained.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Tarantino was gearing up to begin production on his tenth and apparently final feature film, The Movie Critic. At this time, nothing is known about the film other than the fact it’s circling a Fall production date.

Furthermore, while early reports had indicated the movie could focus on critic Pauline Kael, Tarantino confirmed in the interview that the lead part would be a male character.

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