Ranch Rider Spirits Releases Canned Margarita, Just In Time For The Summer

Ranch Rider Spirits Margarita Cans

Craving a margarita at home, without the trip to the taqueria or cantina? Making margaritas in the kitchen can be a pretty irritating process. You have to perfectly nail the ratio of tequila, lime, and ice, along with orange (ideally, Cointreau) and salt. Frozen margs require dealing with a messy blender afterward. You have to ask yourself if the juice is truly worth the proverbial squeeze.

Ranch Rider Spirits is the Austin-based booze brand that spearheaded the canned ranch water explosion. They were long ahead of the curve, rolling out authentic ranch water made from real tequila – not lousy malt liquor. They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery and, boy, are there quite a few bush-league copycats and imitators in the ready-to-drink space.

Ranch Rider Spirit Margarita Review

Ranch Rider Spirits just rolled out a new addition to the line-up: Margaritas. Each can of Ranch Rider Spirits Margarita is masterfully blended with reposado tequila, a squeeze of lime and orange, sparkling water, and a little bit of sea salt.

The best part, for the calorie-conscious during beach season: No added sugar.

I got a chance to try it earlier this month. It’s deliciously tangy and tastes remarkably fresh for a canned beverage. It’s saltier than expected, akin to a proper night-out-at-the-taqueria marg.

The sparkling water is particularly enjoyable, giving it a proper zip. Ice these bad boys down to be as cold as possible – They’re quite refreshing when frosty.

Grab Ranch Rider Margarita wherever you get your alcohol, like Whole Foods, Target. You can also snag via Drizly or RanchRiderSpirits.com at 13.99/4-pack.

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