This Panko-Fried Hotdog Inside Of A Pickle Is Disneyland’s Latest Attraction And People Are Very Divided On It


iStockphoto / cholprapha

As if there isn’t already enough happening in the world right now, the overlords at Disneyland took it upon themselves last week to pour gasoline on the internet by releasing this wild new culinary creation. To be fair, this isn’t the first time that this dish has existed on a menu but it is new to Disneyland which means it’s now available to around 19 million tourists each year.

The new addition to Disneyland menus is a panko-crusted corndog but the hotdog is inside of a pickle that’s inside of the panko crust and then it’s fried and served with peanut butter. I’ve never dipped a hotdog in peanut butter, nor have I dipped a corndog or pickle in peanut butter.

I don’t feel like I can fully pass judgment on this without trying it myself but others feel differently and this has become a polarizing topic on Twitter over the past weekend. There does seem to be consensus that peanut butter is an odd condiment choice but there must be some underlying reason for this and that’s honesty what has piqued my interest the most. Why peanut butter and not honey mustard or a special mixed sauce??

This will be available for purchase in Downtown Disney at Disneyland’s Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs Cart and the price tag is $13 which isn’t insane at all considering normal theme park prices.

Individually, I love all of these things. Hotdogs are great. Fried pickles are excellent. Corndogs/Panko are tasty. Peanut butter is a top-tier food. But all of these combined? I’m not sold on it.