Reddit User Predicted An ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Twist Seven Years Before It Was Revealed

Charlie's apartment on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia


None of the characters on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia live an especially lavish lifestyle, and while Dennis and Dee may have enjoyed a pretty cushy childhood thanks to the money Frank had at his disposal, they ultimately settled into a decidedly middle-class existence.

Of course, the apartments they call home look like a penthouse in the Burj Khalifa when you compared them to the glorified tenement Charlie has lived in for the entirety of the series (one he’s shared with Frank since the start of season two): a studio littered with cans of cat food, dirty clothing, and other items that contribute to the squalor they’re subjected to on a daily basis.

Fans of the series likely know that Charlie and Frank’s apartment is home to multiple doors that have largely remained unopened over the course of the show’s historic run, and when the trailer for the 16th season of It’s Always Sunny dropped ahead of the premiere on June 7th, we learned we’d get the chance to see what was behind at least one of them.

That wasn’t the only reveal we were treated to when “The Gang Inflates” aired on FX on Wednesday, and if you want to avoid spoilers, now is the time to stop reading.

If you’re still with me, you may or may not know the bathroom door wasn’t the only one that was opened up during the episode, as Frank also discovered the door behind the table that houses the hotplate used to cook up the concoction known as a “Grilled Charlie” has been hiding an empty bedroom the entire time.

The first episode of It’s Always Sunny aired in 2005, which means that particular joke was close to 18 years in the making.

As a result, you have to give some major props to a Reddit user known as “Galactic_Blacksmith” who correctly speculated there’d been something behind those doors the entire time in a post that appeared on r/FanTheories all the way back in February of 2016—more than seven years before the prediction came to fruition.

Very, very well done.

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