Rich Teens With Way Too Much Money Are Spending Thousands To Be Featured On An Instagram Account

Rich Teens Spending Thousands To Appear On Golden Price Tag Instagram


Remember back when all those the “Rich Kids of Instagram” accounts were a thing back from around 2012 to 2016?

There were your standard American rich kids, Russian kids, Vietnamese rich kids, rich kids from Singapore, China, and even rich dogs.

Well, apparently rich teens still have too much money because there is a new Instagram account called Golden Price Tag that charges these idiots kids a minimum of $1,000 (and up to a maximum of $999,999) to have their photo posted on it.

So far, only five suckers rich teens have paid for the “privilege,” according to an attached website that lists how much each kid paid.

This guy has paid Golden Price Tag the most so far – $3,000.

Totally worth those 125 likes, don’t you think?

Other payments include these rich teens who paid $1,000 apiece.

And this rich kid who dropped $2,500 for this photo.

From the site’s FAQ page, “You choose your picture, caption and price. After you [sic] paid you’ll receive your picture which is now modified with our price tag and we’ll upload it to our website and Instagram account.”

Oh yeah, any picture that is submited will be reviewed to make sure it holds up to the site’s “gold standard” before being uploaded. Like they’re going to turn down free money.

The fact that Golden Price Tag shows how much each rich teen paid is the true freaking genius of it. Nothing like rich kid peer pressure to drive up the money they will blow.

Which all means, that even with just five takers, whoever created this account has made a cool $8,500 for posting five photos to an Instagram account and website they created that cost them basically nothing.

Why didn’t I think of this?!