The ‘Rich Kids Of Vietnam’ Instagram Is A Savage Reminder Of How Great Life Is For The 1%

by 11 months ago

Some people are born with nothing and spend their lives grinding, working to amass fortunes so their offspring and future family generations have better lives than they ever did. Sometimes, those people become grotesquely wealthy and their children grow up in a world private jets, butlers, Ferraris, and a complete disconnect with reality. This phenomenon of the second generation in a wealthy family being completely worthless human beings is nothing new. The saying goes that ‘wealth is lost in three generations’ because the second generation spends like complete dickheads and the third generation grows up with that lifestyle only to one day realize that all the money is gone.

The ‘Rich Kids of Vietnam’ is a relatively new Instagram account (only 39.5k followers), and it’s following the lead of ‘Rich Kids Of‘ accounts like ‘Rich Kids of China‘ and ‘Rich Kids of Singapore‘. It showcases how the 1% of the 1% live in Vietnam, and it’s a stark reminder of just how much ‘fuck you money’ some people have. If you feel poor while scrolling through these pictures just know that you are not alone:

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