This ‘Rich Kids Of China’ Instagram Account Is A Harsh Reminder That Life Isn’t Fair

Another day, another rich kids of *insert country here* Instagram account to make me feel even worse about being me. The ‘rich kids of Russia‘ account was peppered with piss ant college aged kids who haven’t worked a day in their lives parading around on yachts and popping bottles with chicks who wouldn’t look twice in my direction. I have to remind myself that for every one of these entitled schmucks there are many who haven’t worse off than me, who don’t eat three meals a day and can’t afford Tinder Premium. It helps me sleep at night, in my twin bed with dirty sheets because I can’t afford laundry until my next paycheck. HURRY UP MAY 15TH!

China’s economy has slowed down in the past few months, but judging by the below pics, it looks like there are some who are immune to sliding stocks and slumping industries.

Oops, no idea how that one snuck in.

Now excuse me while I finish my bread sandwich.