The Rock And Kevin Hart Are Still Savagely Trolling Each Other On The ‘Jumanji’ Press Tour

The Rock And Kevin Hart Trolling Each Other On The Jumanji Press Tour

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As we saw the other day when they posted simultaneous videos fighting with each other, again, on Instagram, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his little buddy Kevin Hart are currently on a global press tour for Jumanji: The Next Level.

Their co-star in the film Danny DeVito caught the two of them going at it with a video of his own.

Over the weekend the tour rolled on to Cabo, and as usual, their social media posts are basically just them trolling the living sh*t out of each other.

Their hilarious feud got fired up again when Hart showed up wearing a silk shirt, spouting all sorts of nonsense that infuriated The Rock.

“Kevin Escobar will only talk to me if we get in the pool, to ensure I’m not wearing a wire. Welcome to my life,” wrote The Rock in the caption of the video where Hart talks so much sh*t that DJ cuts the video off as he tells Hart, “I’m going to f**k you up.”

“Don’t blame me….blame the silk shirt,” Hart captioned the same video.

Hart followed that little scene up with another dig at his bro The Rock by size-swapping a photo of the two of them on the tour.

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Good times with my guy #Jumanji #TheNextLevel #Dec13th

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But not before The Rock shared a comical video of Hart freaking out over some bugs in the media tent.

“Kevin Hart: scared to death of butterflies & grasshoppers 🦋 🦗 You have to understand, @kevinhart4real suffers from a legit fear of bugs (especially when they fly) which is known as Entomophobia aka Insectophobia. This causes incredible distress and fear to Kev 😱 And makes me very happy 😃 And yes that grasshopper had some bad ass blue wings 🦗🦋,” Johnson wrote.

The Rock followed up that A+ dig at his frenemy with a video of Hart having “tummy issues.”

“When @kevinhart4real slams 3 espressos for energy ☕️ 💩 I had no idea how bad Kev’s stomach got after slamming three cups back to back – until I looked and saw him slumped over while we talked to journalists for our JUMANJI press junket. Then the smell hit me 😷 Like the pro he is, he finished all our press. Then had to change his pants👖 This one will always be one of my all time favs. #stage5 #oilydischarge,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Those espressos destroyed my stomach…I lit @therock up! 🤢🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ Sorry man…. #Jumanji #TheNextLevel #IworeTheWrongPants #ThatTintSmelledLikeShit #iThrewMyUnderwearAway,” Hart wrote about the video.

And when he wasn’t too busy busting Hart’s balls, The Rock spent a little time crashing a wedding and serenading the happy couple in a duet with DeVito.


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