‘Rogue One’ Almost Had A Wild Darth Vader Fight Sequence On The Beach

rogue one darth vader


For what it’s worth, I consider Rogue One: A Star Wars Story to be the second-best film in the franchise. It’s certainly my favorite Star Wars film, as it encapsulates the magic of the original trilogy and combines it with the marvelous techniques of modern filmmaking. It’s got a wildly emotional narrative and it’s simply beautiful to look at. It’s easily the best Star Wars movie released in my lifetime.

Plus, it features Darth Vader in his almighty glory, as the artist formerly known as Anakin Skywalker is at the peak of his powers as he unleashes absolute hell on the Rebel Alliance in the film’s closing moments.

But for as great as Rogue One may be, it apparently could have been even crazier, as one of the film’s screenwriters recently revealed that one of the film’s more “batshit” moments got left on the cutting room floor.

Responding to a fan on Twitter, screenwriter Gary Whitta detailed an extensive battle scene that involved Darth Vader himself laying waste to Rebel troops on the beaches of Scarif.

“Rebel ground troops bunkered in around the Imperial comms tower on Scarif, stormtroopers can’t break through to get to Jyn who’s on her way to transmit plans. Vader says “put me on that beach.” Carnage ensues. You ended up seeing something like that in the corridor scene though,” Whitta said.

As dope as that may have been, I have to defer to Disney’s ultimate decision, as Rogue One represents both a highpoint of their tenure and in the galaxy far, far away’s history.


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