Quarantine Day 12: Ronda Rousey And Travis Browne Are Getting Kinky On Twitter

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Every single person on Twitter: Please wash your hands and practice sound social distancing in this unprecedented global pandemic. No one should hold a thought in their head outside the possibility of their grandmother dying or they shall suffer the same fate.

Travis Browne and Ronda Rousey: 

While the nation’s major interstates sit emptier than a RadioShack parking lot in the wake of government-mandated lockdowns, Ronda and Travis have decided to consider a spin down Hershey Highway.

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For the majority, the topic of butt love must be nurtured for years like a thorny cactus before the subject is broached. Personally, I’d ask my wife for her sister before her booty, and Ronda and Travis are out here spit-balling anal to the millions like my wife and I decide between green beans or sprouts.

More power to them. Drive safe you crazy kids, and don’t forget to bring a dash cam.

I mean, ew. Gross. I definitely agree with these guys.

Yeah yuck.

Send me the link if this goes live though. For journalistic purposes and intense masturbation, of course.

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