Ryan Reynolds Says Making ‘Deadpool’ And Its Sequel “Almost Killed” Him


It’s already been more than five years since the release of Deadpool. Can you believe it? I barely can. Although time sure does fly when the planet and society you inhabit careens ever closer to its apocalypse, I suppose. Armageddon regardless, though, these last five years have absolutely flown by, especially when considered in the context of the comic book movie industry: 21st Century Fox, the studio that made Deadpool and its sequel, is now owned by Disney. The Snyderverse has lived and died in that time span. The multiverse now exists in both the MCU and the DCEU.

At the time of Deadpool‘s release, the idea of an R-rated superhero movie was considered a gamble. Now, the concept is such a proven success that it even convinced the Mouse House to keep its rating, as Deadpool 3 is expected to be R-rated. Getting that sort of industry-altering project over the line, especially in the somewhat monolithic comic book movie genre, is certainly no small feat, which means Ryan Reynolds — the film’s star, producer, and champion — deserves a ton of credit.

Reynolds himself certainly seems to be aware of what an undertaking Deadpool was, as he recently told Jason Batmen, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes on the Smartless podcast that he considers the project to be the most fulfilling of his career.

“I would say my most fulfilling job was Deadpool one and two just because it almost killed me: I was chewing and blowing bubbles with every aspect of it,” Reynolds said on the Smartless podcast.

Coincidentally enough, Reynolds’ comments about bringing the Merc with the Mouth to the big screen come less than a week after the character made his technical Marvel Cinematic Universe debut, appearing alongside Thor: Ragnarok‘s Korg in an admittedly genius advertisement for Free Guy.

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While Deadpool 3 has no official release date, the film is very much on the way, especially considering the multiverse-launching events of Loki‘s season finale, as you can be sure that the consequences of Loki and Sylvie’s actions will explain how the former 20th Century Fox character now finds himself in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or is it Marvel Cinematic Multiverse now?).

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