Ryan Reynolds Had An A+ Response To A Mom Who Asked How Her Son Could Pee While Dressed As Deadpool

by 1 year ago
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Chances are, that by now, it’s becoming pretty well-known that if you get lucky, and bring up the right subject or ask the right question, you will not only get a response from Ryan Reynolds on Twitter, it will probably be a really good one.

Bring up Reynolds’ shameful haircut in 1997 and he will respond.

Mention that you got Reynolds’ name tattooed on your butt? No way he can pass up that opportunity.

Repeatedly proposition him for sex? You betcha he’ll answer!

Need to get some revenge on your ex-boyfriend? Reynolds has got your back.

Ask him how your son is supposed to be able to use the bathroom while wearing a Deadpool costume this Halloween?

Yep… you guessed it…

“My son is ready for Halloween @VancityReynolds. No idea how he is supposed to use the washroom. Any tips Ryan?!!”


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