Internet Collapses In On Itself Due To Report That Samuel L. Jackson Will Voice Garfield’s Father In The Upcoming Chris Pratt Movie

Samuel L. Jackson Will Voice Garfield's Father In The Upcoming Movie

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  • Last year, it was announced that Chris Pratt would voice Garfield in an upcoming animated movie.
  • The film has now also added the legendary Samuel L. Jackson to its cast.
  • Samuel L. will be voicing Vic, Garfield’s father.

Last fall, the pop-culture corner of the internet seemed to lose its mind as Chris Pratt landed voice roles in animated films about two iconic yet wildly different cartoon characters: Mario the Italian Plumber and Garfield the (Italian?) Cat.

At the time Pratt’s casting in the untitled Mario film was announced, the rest of the cast was also unveiled: Charlie Day will voice Mario’s brother Luigi, Anya Taylor-Joy will voice Princess Peach, Seth Rogen will voice Donkey Kong, and Jack Black will voice Bowser. All things considered, it’s actually quite a fun-sounding cast.

The Garfield movie, though, only announced one casting at the time, and that was Pratt’s. And that was largely all the news we’ve gotten about the film. Until now.

Movie fans react to reports that Samuel L. Jackson will voice Garfield’s father in the upcoming Chris Pratt movie

According to reports from various Hollywood trades, none other than the legendary Samuel L. Jackson will provide the voice for the newly created character Vic, who is apparently Garfield’s father.

Personally, I could never hate on any actor for taking on an animation role as it’s essentially the ultimate Hollywood gig, particularly if the film develops into a franchise. Can you imagine how much money Steve Carell has been racking up from theDespicable Me movies over the years? Or Adam Sandler with Hotel Transylvania? Sonic the Hedgehog just came out in 2020 and they’re already working on the *THIRD* movie! Go get that cartoon bag, Chris.

At this time, the untitled Garfield film is scheduled to hit theaters on November 22, 2023. The Mario movie is also dated for 2023, as is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. Pratt will also be starring in Prime Video’s The Terminal List, which debuts on July 1.

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