The Brilliant ‘Zoom Call’ About People Struggling With Simple Tech Is The Most Relatable ‘SNL’ Sketch In Decades

I think if you were to take a Family Feud-style poll of 100 professionals and ask them to name the company they believe has benefitted the most over the past month most of the people would respond ‘Zoom’. Outside of the medical field, I cannot think of another company that has seen such meteoric growth in the past few weeks.

One of my colleagues joked that Zoom’s so good for video meetings it feels like it’s a secret technology that Boomers have been hiding from millennials until now and I can kind of see where he’s coming from with that except that it’s the Boomers who can’t seem to figure it out on 99% of Zoom meetings.

Saturday Night Live sketches have seemed more hit or miss over the past few years than anytime I can remember but that’s the nature of the game. The writers try and write the funniest possible sketches but there’s no telling of whether they’ll stick with the audience. This is actually something Tom Hanks talked about in his SNL opening monologue from home. Some will be funny (‘Zoom Call’ below), others will bomb (that ‘RBG Workout Routine’ sketch was miserable).

Check it out and tell me this isn’t one of the most relatable things Saturday Night Live has written in years…A company is holding their first Zoom meeting, the jokes are so painful and ones that literally everyone has heard over the past few weeks, and then there are the employees who just cannot seem to cope with having to use technology:

Watching that, I can’t help but wonder how this is going to change the College Football recruiting landscape over the next year.

I see a story like this about how Nick Saban JUST NOW got his own email address and I question how some of these recruiting powerhouses are ever going to be able to pick up blue-chip talent when nobody on the staff uses a computer.