Extreme Science: Mixing Lithium Aluminum Hydride With Vodka Creates A Fireball Reaction

by 9 months ago
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The Science side of YouTube is one of my favorite corners of the Internet. I mean, who doesn’t love a good science project? Especially when it involves explosions!

You’re probably already familiar with my obsession with The Slow Mo Guys YouTube channel. There’s just something about cool shit happening in 4K slow-mo that speaks to the core of me. But this isn’t from The Slow Mo Guys, today’s extreme science clip comes from the ChemicalForce Youtube channel and he’s got some awesome chemical reactions to show off.

The clip itself is pretty short (only 2min45sec) but the action really kicks off around the 1:05 mark. He’s mixing Lithium Aluminum Hydride (LiAlH4) with Vodka. He goes on to explain why the reaction is so violent so if you’re down to do a little learning today then turn up your volume:

When I first came across this I saw it in some GIF that somebody tweeted. At first, I saw the smoke and figured that alone was pretty wild but when it erupted into flames I started contemplating how hard it’d be to pick up some Lithium Aluminum Hydride (LiAlH4) of my own. Is this one of those things where I Google it and end up on an FBI watch list? Am I already on that list for typing up this article? So many questions. All I want to do is perform some badass experiments in the backyard, is that too much to ask?

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