The Hot New Trend In Sexting Is Women Sending Booty Pics As Sliding Puzzle Photos To Make Men Work For It

Women like Monica Escalante are making men work for booty pics by sending sliding puzzle games of sexy photos instead of sexting nudes.

iStockphoto / Cristiano Babini

Men and women have it so good right now when it comes to instant satisfaction. As quick as you can blink your eye, you can send an intimate photo to someone in another city, state or country. When it comes to relationships, maybe things are getting too unchallenging (I said “maybe”). One woman is making men work for her booty pics in a very unusual way.

Monica Escalante doesn’t just send out her risque photos to potential beaus. She sends a gentleman that is courting her a spicy photo, but there’s a catch — because there’s always a catch. The sexy pic is all scrambled up and for the dude to see the goodness he has to solve a sliding puzzle. But what if you suck at puzzles?

The 18-year-old Escalante went viral this week with a tweet that detailed her unorthodox sexting style. On Tuesday, Monica tweeted out: “sending him booty pics as puzzles >>>.”

The tweet immediately went viral and already has nearly 12,000 Likes and over 56,000 Likes. She uses a sliding puzzle app that takes your photos and creates sliding puzzles. You text the puzzle photos and the person then spends 10 minutes trying to reassemble the jumbled pic.

Unfortunately, some recipients of the sexy puzzle didn’t have the desire or ambition to solve the sexy puzzle. Ouch.

Soon guys were sharing their sliding puzzle pics to show how they use it to creatively send dick pics.

Dudes who never did a puzzle in their life are suddenly like this after they get nudes disguised as puzzles.