Father Captures Exact Moment A Shark Tries To Eat The Fish His Son Was Holding

spearfishing in open water

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A recent spearfishing trip in Australia nearly turned into a nightmare scenario but all’s well that ends well.

A father and son were spearfishing in the clear waters of Australia. Dad was filming on the boat when his son emerged from the water holding a grouper.

There was a brief pause before the son revealed his fish. It’s unclear how long he was holding that fish under the water while waiting for his dad to walk over with the camera. But it was long enough to garner attention from a nearby shark.

While the son is holding onto the dive ladder on the back of the boat a shark suddenly emerges (too late) in an attempt to steal the fish and eat it. Everything happens in an instant so watch closely:

In the comments, there are lots of jokes about the size of the shark. One person wrote, “Lucky it was a baby shark do do do do dooo.”

Another person commented how they were lucky it was “just a little reef shark.”

There are several comments suggesting the shark wasn’t alive. Someone wrote that you “can tell the shark is being thrown towards the kid.” Others chimed in saying the shark was dead.

The much more likely option is the shark was swimming and missed its chance at the fish. But the video ends quickly so there’s no telling of what happened next.

Here is the son back on the boat holding a ‘trash fish’ according to his dad. His father has more colorful language to describe the fish than ‘trash’. But neither seem at all concerned that shark just tried to eat a fish out of his hands:

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