A SIMPLE Guide To Not Losing Your Friends At A Music Festival With A Dead Phone

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Tell me this sequence hasn’t happened to you at a music festival. You’re having a rowdy good time with your friends then your cell phone runs out of power. You head to grab a slice of pizza and a beer and, next thing you know, the whole crew is gone.

When traveling to a music festival, it can be tricky to stay in touch with the group of buddies you’re with. Sure, we use flags and strategically wear similar shirts to stand out, but there’s really only one way to truly stay connected — through our phones.

Unfortunately, given the fact that everyone’s on their phone snapping pics, recording live performances and trying to text or browse social media, there’s a good chance that your battery dies or your connection fails you. Yep, even when it appears you’ve got full bars, things don’t seem to be working; which is frustrating.

Thankfully, there’s a better way to stay connected: SIMPLE Mobile, which offers nationwide coverage on the lightning-fast 4G LTE** network. SIMPLE Mobile has plans starting at $25 a month with unlimited talk & text, plus generous amounts of high-speed data. Even better, it’s simple and hassle-free, with no contract and no mystery fees or overage charges so you don’t need to overthink this here, guys.

Be Prepared 

ABC: Always be chargin’. The best way to always be charged up is to never lose juice in the first place. Have an external battery handy that can handle a couple of strategic charges throughout the day. And make sure you charge it the night before!

If you don’t have that, throw your phone in airplane mode when it’s in your pocket. Helps the charge last longer and, therefore, keeping you connected.

Make Friends

You’re lost. Your phone is dead. You can’t get to a VIP tent where a plethora of chargers await you.

Time for strangers to shine. After all, there’s no sense of community like a group of people gathered to sing and dance to their favorite artists. Start yamming it up with friendly strangers who were hopefully a little more thoughtful about their phone battery or bringing a charging device. Ask for a couple minutes to juice up.

But don’t hog it! You just need enough to get back on the grid and fire a couple texts to meet the crew.

Stand Out

The analog way. Music festivals are an adventure, after all, so go into the occasion wearing something that sets you apart from the crowd. A totem with a meme on it. A ridiculous space kitty shirt with laser beams and dinosaurs. A unicorn costume.

Have A Designated Meet-Up Spot

Every crew does this as a last resort. You pick a spot to strategically rendezvous at the beginning of the day – the water stationor the kettle corn stand, for example. So when you lose your crew, you know where to find them.


With SIMPLE Mobile, you no longer need to worry about being lost at the music festival or left to deal with bad connections. Come to think of it, you don’t have to worry about a thing, because the no-hassle nationwide coverage allows you to sit back and take in the tunes with a peace of mind other networks can’t provide.

See Terms and Conditions of Service at SimpleMobile.com. 1 month = 30 days. **Actual availability, coverage and speed may vary.

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