Smash Mouth Gives The People What They Want: An EDM Version Of ‘All Star’ That I’m Way Too Old To Listen To

Smash Mouth released an EDM version of their song "All-Star"

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Smash Mouth always reminds me of seventh grade, when, awkward and pimple-faced, I thought I was actually cool while trying to hit on girls at the middle school dance. Like my peers, I knew every word to “All-Star”, which, let’s face it, was a real banger back then, so everyone went apeshit anytime it got blasted through speakers.

While we haven’t heard much from the Cali band in awhile — other than some zingers on Twitter — Smash Mouth decided to do something that absolutely nobody asked for: release an EDM version of “All-Star”, which, if I’m being honest, is just way too much for my soon-to-be-35-year-old ears to listen to. For those of you who blast EDM on the regular, you might be able to handle it more than I can, so peep it below.

“All Star” was first released in May 1999, so, on its 20th anniversary, Smash Mouth decided that an EDM version was the best way to pay homage to it. And, while the group itself didn’t mix it all together, they asked some EDM duo called Breathe Carolina to do it for them. Again, not my cup of tea, but it actually hits pretty hard, if you’re into that sort of thing.

I’m clearly showing my age right now, but it’s hard for me to like a song that was featured in things like Shrek and, somehow, even two decades later, still gets used as a family friendly tune for annual All-Star games in the MLB and NBA. It’s time to move on and find something new, guys.

Maybe this EDM version of “All Star” is just the thing everyone needs? (Note: It’s probably not). But, hey, considering everything gets redone these days — whether it’s movies or songs — maybe, just maybe, Smash Mouth can find themselves becoming relevant again and make a big comeback after the EDM release here.


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