Smash Mouth Mocks All-Star Bryce Harper For Getting Booed By Home Crowd, Immediately Gets Buried Alive By The Internet

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If you’re wondering what Smash Mouth is up to in 2019, head down to your local Elks club and you can find them shredding All-Star on repeat to half-interested baby boomers. When they’re not performing, you can find the band engaging in the pettiest of Twitter spats. Like that time in 2015 when they insisted to anyone who said otherwise that they made Shrek, Shrek didn’t make them.

The San Jose, California band has declared themselves San Francisco Giants fans several times on the world wide web, and was extremely transparent about their desire to win the Bryce Harper sweepstakes in February.

Harper slipped through their painted fingertips and the band seems to be reveling in the 26-year-old’s recent struggles with the Phillies. Harper was booed by his hometown crowd after going 0-for-4 with two strikeouts and an error in the Phillies 3-1 loss to the Detroit Tigers on Tuesday.

Smash Mouth didn’t hesitate in telling Harper ‘We told ya so.’

It didn’t take long for Smash Mouth to get owned for their hypocrisy. Some would say they…..walked too close to the sun.

Never change, Smash Mouth. I will always love you, so much so that I wrote you into a bit we did with a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

Imitation is the finest form of flattery, brother.