Social Media Is Causing Paranoia In An Alarming Number Of People

Are you going through life whilst suffering from paranoia? Well, there’s a decent chance that you use social media and that social media is also the root cause of that paranoid.

A recent study from a King’s College expert found that a literal shit ton of social media users are paranoid as a direct result of using social media. In particular, younger people are highly susceptible to social media-induced paranoia (via DailyMail):

One in five individuals suffer from paranoia – you are under threat even though there is no (or very little) evidence that you are.
Now a psychologist has said that number could dramatically rise as young people increasingly use social media.
Her comments come after a children’s charity said social media is fuelling a nation of ‘deeply unhappy’ children.
‘The digital world is changing society in a way that can make us feel like we are under surveillance,’ Philippa Garety, professor of clinical psychology at King’s College London told i.
Indeed, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) last December blamed social media on a rise in self harm among youngsters.
It said 18,778 children aged 11 to 18 in England and Wales were admitted to hospital for self-harm in 2015/16 – a rise of 14 per cent rise from the year before.
The charity revealed it gave 18,471 counselling sessions about self-harm last year – equivalent to 50 a day. (via DailyMail)

I’m going to be honest, using social media all day every day has made me a little paranoid that every anonymous user on Twitter and Xbox Live wants to bang my mom, or is going to come over to my house and try to fight me because I shit all over vaping/e-cigs. So it’s nice to know that I’m not alone in my paranoia.

Jokes aside, if you want to learn more about this study you can click here to head on over to the Daily Mail.

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