‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Creator Reveals Plans For More ‘SOA’ Shows Including A Sequel And Prequel

by 3 months ago
Sons Of Anarchy


We know that we are getting a Sons of Anarchy spin-off and we even got a sneak peek at the upcoming Mayans MC series. On Tuesday we learned that we might also get much more Sons of Anarchy in the form of a sequel and a prequel.

During an interview on the Tom Arnold podcast 100% Honest (more proof that literally everyone has a podcast these days), SOA creator Kurt Sutter revealed that he envisions the Sons of Anarchy universe having “four chapters.” The original series was the first chapter, Mayans MC is the second, the last two chapters would be a sequel to the Sons of Anarchy finale, which was a high casualty event and maybe a series where Jax’s sons Abel and Thomas learn about their father’s life, and a prequel that would tell the story of Jax Teller’s father John.

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