I Have A Feeling ‘South Park’ Is Going To Piss A Few People Off With Its School Shooting Episode

south park school shooting episode

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Over the years, Trey Parker and Matt Stone have perfected the art of offending virtually everyone in the world thanks to South Park, which has taken on virtually every topic imaginable over the course of its first 21 seasons.

The show has never strayed away from the taboo and the duo have been at the center of an impressive number of controversies since the very first episode of South Park, which revolved around a child getting anally probed by aliens.

They’ve somehow managed to make that look tame in comparison thanks to a number of episodes that have managed to push the envelope— including one that caused them to be at the receiving end of death threats after they attempted to depict Muhammad on screen.

What other show could have a storyline that revolves around a 4th grader getting back at someone by murdering his parents and serving him a chili made out of their remains?

It was episodes like these that caused mass outrage in South Park‘s earlier years, but after a while, the general public managed to become pretty numb to the show when they realized there wasn’t much they could do to get Stone and Parker to back down.

After all, these are the guys who took acid and wore dresses to the Oscars.

In recent years, South Park has taken on the rise of political correctness by being decidedly politically incorrect.

Based on a new clip from the upcoming season they are not backing down by taking on the task of tackling school shootings.

Oh boy.

Based on this clip, it actually looks like South Park will have a fairly nuanced take on school shootings by addressing the numbness people have begun to feel concerning the topic but I doubt that’ll stop at least a couple of think pieces from being written.

The new season will premiere at 10 PM tomorrow night and the outrage will premiere at 10:30.

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