Stephen Curry Reads From His Powerful Veterans Day Essay ‘Let’s Respect, Let’s Celebrate Our Veterans’

Stephen Curry

Fallon / YouTube

Earlier this month, in honor of Veterans Day 2017, Golden State Warriors All-Star and former Davidson College standout Stephen Curry penned a letter in The Players’ Tribune. That letter was titled ‘The Noise’, and if you haven’t read that in full yet I highly encourage you to do so after watching the video below.

Stephen Curry was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night and Jimmy got him to read a few paragraphs from his essay titled ‘The Noise’. Before reading, Stephen Curry talked about what led him to write this essay and how meeting one particular veteran at his wife’s restaurant truly changed his life:

If you’d prefer reading instead of watching a video, here’s what Stephen Curry had to say above:

And I care about our veterans deeply.
So that’s why I’m writing this — that’s my plea to y’all for this Veterans Day: Let’s please not get lost in another one of these endless debates about who means what when they’re doing what, or who is disrespecting whom.
Instead, let’s respect — let’s celebrate — our veterans, by having a conversation about the actual ways that we as civilians, as their fellow Americans they’ve fought to protect, can hold up our end of the bargain. Let’s talk about the broken VA medical system, and traumatic brain injuries, and PTSD. But let’s also talk about homelessness, and unemployment, and mental health, and, yes, racial inequality.
Let’s talk about how we can do better, to make their lives easier.
Let’s use our platforms, and take this day, to talk about how we can be louder than all of this silence — and quieter than all of this noise. (via)

These were the closing words in Stephen Curry’s ‘The Noise’ on The Players’ Tribune. Again, I highly encourage you to go read that letter in full. You’ll be glad you did.