New Mets Owner Steve Cohen Is Already Asking Fans How He Can Improve The Franchise


Lost in Steve Cohen’s long-awaited purchase of the New York Mets is the fact that this franchise finally finding its savor in 2020, the most cursed year, is perhaps as Mets as the Mets have ever been. Leave it to the Mets to find a lifeboat in the year the world is drowning. Don’t get me a wrong, as a life-long and long-tortured Mets fan, I’m certainly not complaining, I’m merely admiring the irony of the infamously haphazard Metropolitans finally getting their act together in a year where professional sports matter less than ever.

Still, all that said, it’s a promising start for Cohen, who already seems to be more in-tune with Mets fans than the Wilpons ever were, as he took to Twitter over the weekend to solicit suggestions for the franchise from the New York faithful.

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One idea in particular — an Old Timers Day — caught Cohen’s eye to such an extent that it was even greenlit in realtime:

With an estimated net worth of $14.6 billion, Cohen is now the richest owner in Major League Baseball by some distance, according to Forbes. The next richest, Washington Nationals owner Ted Lerner, has an estimated net worth of $4.8 billion.

Long story short, Cohen’s arrival means the New York Mets will finally be able to operate and spend, in the manner they always should have: as one of baseball’s most powerful teams. With the team’s wallet now significantly deeper than it’s ever bee and the stench of the thankfully departed Wilpons wearing away by the day, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if the Mets — who actually do have a solid core — are contending for pennants within the next couple of years, that’s how dramatic of an impact I expect Cohen to have. Now, all Mets fans have to do is hope we make it that long in order to see it through.

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