Question: Does A Straw Have One Hole Or Two? The Internet Can’t Agree And People Are Losing It

Straw Have One Hole Or Two


Someone on Twitter asked this very simple question, “Does a straw have one hole or two?” Naturally, because internet, people simply could not agree on the answer and things got tense.

It all started when someone had a discussion while at lunch with their friends and she decided to take the topic to Twitter. Probably because she knew that there was absolutely no way people on Twitter would ever come to a consensus… on anything. Hell, we can’t even decide on whether or not we should be washing our jeans. How are we going to agree on a brain teaser like this?

So far over 91,000 people have voted and/or commented with their take on whether a straw has one hole or two. Here are some responses from the peanut gallery to think about before you take a side on this very important issue facing us today.

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Oh, go to hell.


I still don’t know the correct answer.

Knock it off.

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