This Student Is Going Viral For Exposing A Loophole In His Teacher’s ‘No Cell Phone’ Rule During Exams


We’ve all had that one super paranoid teacher who would basically strip search us before exams to make sure we weren’t cheating. We always viewed it as a huge violation of privacy and trust, but we damn well know that we’re only as law-abiding as the teacher requires us to be.

No phones during tests? Ok, let me throw Pythagorean’s Theory in my TI-83 calculator. No calculators? No worries! I’ll just print out all the necessary information in really small type and paste it to the inside of a Poland Springs water bottle label. Sure, it will take me longer to cheat than to actually learn the information, but if you ain’t living on the edge, you ain’t living at all.

Like a smart man, Physics teacher Eric Saueracker banned cell phones from his classroom during midterm exams. One student decided that he wasn’t going to let his love for Kanye West’s College DropoutC(the irony) to get in the way of his schooling.

Ladies and gentlemen: A genius at work…

For those who are invested in this dude’s academic success, I have good news for you.

Kid is going places.

P.S. Any classmate who voluntarily puts up folders around their test to prevent cheating was no friend of mine.


[h/t Some eCards]

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