Here’s How Sunday Scaries Gummies Are Helping Me Be More Productive In 2020

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Have you ever laid in bed, tossing and turning before a big day at work where you have a million things to do and it’s absolutely imperative that you complete every single one of them?

Same. It happens to me quite frequently. You lay in bed on your back or side and count the hours going by while your mind races, knowing fully-well that you need sleep to function. You plan on giving it your all at work. You want to perform at your absolute peak. But your mind just won’t shut down and let you get the rest you need.

It’s the worst.

You need sleep to operate at your true potential. According to a 2016 study by the RAND Corporation, society-wide sleep deprivation costs a MASSIVE $411 billion in economic losses a year in the U.S.

A well-rested you is a better you. Especially when it comes to checking off items on your work to-do list.

In addition to general not feeling sluggish at the office, feeling well-rested from a good night’s sleep provides more focus, sharper decision-making, and better memory. Your head will be in the game vs. using your arms as a pillow on your desk by 11AM.

A couple weeks ago, I told you about how Sunday Scaries CBD gummies have helped me get the best sleep of my life.

After moving to California and starting in a new office, I was averaging five hours a night, frequently stressed out about my new workplace environment while wanting to perform at my absolute best.

A couple Sunday Scaries CBD gummies a week helped mellow me out and ease my mind at night to get the much needed rest I needed. In turn, a full eight hours of sleep helped my mood and increased my ability to stay focused and concentrated while grinding through spreadsheets and PowerPoint decks at the office.

That’s the great thing about Sunday Scaries – It chills you out so you can count those sheep, which helps you be more productive in the long term.

Don’t call it a productivity hack – Call it a step in the right direction to your overall wellness.

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