This Hilarious ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Review Just Convinced Me To Buy The Game

Late last month the world was able to get their hands on Super Mario Odyssey. It was released on October 27th to much fanfare. The reviews are rolling in and…well…they’re interesting. The possibilities are endless, for better or worse. It’s a game that becomes more and more complex as you invest time into playing.

This review above from ‘The Internet Dunkey’ on YouTube paints a picture of how just about anything is possible in Super Mario Odyssey, but that means there isn’t really a whole lot of depth to the game. This is the latest installment in the Mario Bros. franchise and one I’m almost certain to buy at some point in my life. But let’s check out a few quotes from the review so you can see what the controversy is here:

“It’s not great because you can become an onion, it’s great because once you become an onion, you notice how many possibilities you’ve just opened up.”

“The gameplay is breathtaking and exciting” 4:21 shows Mario kicking several cans on a roof

Those quotes might sway you into thinking that there’s simply too much going on in Super Mario Odyssey, but that seems to be an aspect that everyone’s loving the shit out of. Sure, there are some negative reviews out there but you can’t please everybody all the time.

If you’re thinking about buying the game yourself you can purchase it on Amazon HERE for the Nintendo Switch.

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