Somehow A Man Escaped A Full-On Police Chase In The Middle Of Los Angeles Amidst A Statewide Stay At Home Order

police chase los angeles coronavirus lockdown


You have to think that somewhere last night OJ Simpson was on his couch applauding the suspect who was able to escape an all-out police chase in LA. Never in my life have I witnessed close to a 1-hour chase that ends up in a win for the suspect. But to add insult to injury for the LAPD, it just so happened at a time where the entire state was ordered to be quarantined in their homes.

You have to think that if you are deciding to run from the police, the worst possible time to do it is right around day 20 of quarantine that results in practically 98% of the population not on the highways and streets. There were multiple times where the suspect looks dead to rights, and at times even stops his car in the middle of the streets, but somehow got away.

It’s almost as if he was toying with the LAPD, straight out of a Tom and Jerry episode except neither Tom or Jerry had the courtesy to put their blinkers on like this guy did. Was that out of respect, or was that just a slap in the face to the LAPD? We will never know because about 45 minutes into the chase Mother Nature decides to take a big piss on all of LA Country dropping a 2-hour rainstorm that resulted in police having to put the chase to a halt.

Now we are left to imagine what this guy could have done afterwards. Is that something you go home and celebrate with the family about, or do you keep that to yourself? Perhaps he was filming a TikTok and we will see him on our #FYP page going viral. There are a lot of unknowns that I am still trying to wrap my head around.

Meanwhile, LAPD is trying to figure out how in the hell they let this one getaway. 2020 has been one wild year.