Twitter Thread Details Sylvester Stallone’s Wild Ride Before ‘Rocky,’ Including Selling His Dog And Sleeping In Bus Terminal

Twitter thread details the struggles of Sylvester Stallone prior to getting his big break with 'Rocky'.

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Many of us know about Sylvester Stallone’s struggles prior to hitting it big with 1976’s Rocky — an all-time top sports flick, in my personal opinion. But, good lord, I had no clue Sly basically went through hell and back in order to follow his dream of becoming an actor when everybody else pretty much doubted he could.

Born with a partially paralyzed face and slurred speech, Stallone wasn’t exactly what many assumed Hollywood would be looking for in a leading man. But the dude never doubted himself, and he kept pushing through all the “no’s” and adversity to get to the top. The result? Sylvester Stallone became one of the biggest actors on the planet, and his current net worth is estimated at $400 million or so.

So if you need some motivation today that you should always stick to your guns, keep hustling, bet on yourself and just keep going, take a look at this Twitter thread that details how Stallone went from college dropout to homeless to a badass movie star. Seriously, if this doesn’t give you inspiration, something might be wrong with you.

That’s… something, man. To think Sylvester Stallone persevered through all of that to reach his goal is absolutely amazing. It’s also a reminder that, just when you think you’ve got a plan, something happens that completely changes your fate. In Stallone’s case, it was watching that Muhammad Ali—Chuck Wepner fight, which sparked the idea to write Rocky. He then refused to take the first offer for the script in order to star in the movie himself. Sure, there’s lots of luck in there, but he never wavered from his goal.

Fast-forward nearly 50 years and Stallone is sitting pretty, recently listing a massive, 21,000-foot mansion in Beverly Hills. There are some people who get rich and are tough to root for. But, in many cases, there are people who literally went from nothing to wealthy thanks to hustling, staying focused on their goals, gambling on themselves and making it all happen. That’s Sylvester Stallone’s story, and it’s so awesome and motivating to see.

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