Taco Bell Is Facing A Severe Shortage Of Tacos…And Burritos And Chicken And Beef And Lettuce And Tomato And Did We Mention Tacos?

Taco Bell burrito meat ingredient shortage

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  • Taco Bell is grappling with supply chain issues that have resulted in a shortage of some incredibly essential ingredients
  • Customers around America have been told they can’t order certain items due to a lack of tacos, burritos, meat, and vegetables
  • Read more about the chain here

It’s been over a year since panicked consumers raided stores around the country to stock up on toilet paper, canned goods, and other items that were almost impossible to track down at the start of the pandemic. Unfortunately, we’re still dealing with shortages of even more essential goods like the chicken wings and ketchup packets that have become increasingly scarce (and expensive) in recent months.

In May, Chick-fil-A was forced to limit customers to a single packet of sauce due to the supply chain issues plenty of other chains have been forced to grapple with—but I’m not sure if any fast food brand has been hit harder than Taco Bell.

As of this writing, visitors to Taco Bell’s website are greeted with a banner that warns they may not be able to get their hands on some of their favorite items due to ingredient shortages that have been exacerbated by delivery issues.

Taco Bell burrito meat ingredient shortage

Taco Bell

Taco Bell has spent the past couple of years tinkering with its menu and removing a number of beloved items in an attempt to streamline its offerings. However, as The New York Posts notes, a number of aspiring customers have had trouble getting their hands on some of the chain’s most trusted staples as restaurants struggle to keep essentials including taco shells, burritos, chicken, beef, tomatoes, lettuce, and even Baja Blast in stock.





It seems like Taco Bell might want to think about changing its motto to “Live Menos” until it can figure this out.

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