Taylor Swift Wrote A Pretentious Poem To Go With Her New Photo Shoot, Got Mocked Mercilessly

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Taylor Swift Photo Shoot Poem Vogue

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Taylor Swift seems to be once again trying to reinvent herself. What are we on now? Taylor Swift v4.0 or is it v5.0? She does this pretty every time she puts out a new album. Remember “Bad Blood” T-Swizzle? That was a fun version of Tay.

Now, with another new album out, Reputation, Swift is once again in the middle of another earth-shattering life change. At least according to a little profile done on the singer for this month’s issue of British Vogue.

In this profile, the Vogue Daily editor basically drools all over Swift, heaping hyperbole upon hyperbole when describing the star.

As the 27-year-old prepares to embark on a global stadium tour, her career-shaping fashion journey in the January 2018 issue shows yet again what an unstoppable force of nature the pop queen, who has long since graduated from a pop princess, has become.

Wow. I had no idea Taylor Swift was an “unstoppable force of nature” and that she had been on a “career-shaping fashion journey.” Where does one go on a journey like that? Hoboken? El Paso?

Editor-in-chief of the magazine, Edward Enninful, amped the slobbering over Swift up to an even higher level, calling her “America’s most fascinating sweetheart.”

Really? How does one earn such a lofty title? Is this because she used to date Loki?

He also called her a “world-class lyricist” and bragged about the “stunning poem” Swift wrote (instead of, you know, doing an interview) about “the timely subject of reinvention and moving on” exclusively for #NewVogue. Whatever that is.

Now, you can actually go read the poem called “The Trick to Holding On” here. Orrr… you can just take these folks’ word for it and save yourself a few valuable minutes of your life.

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