NFL Fans Are Already Imagining What Taylor Swift Will Say About Travis Kelce In Their Breakup Song

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While the power of manifestation certainly didn’t pay off for Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets, it might have worked for Travis Kelce.

Earlier this summer, Kelce told a story on his podcast about going to one of Taylor Swift’s Era Tour concerts.

As Kelce tells it, he wanted to meet Swift before the show and give her one of the friendship bracelets that her fan base makes. However, she apparently doesn’t talk to anyone before concerts to save her voice.

But while Kelce may have lost that battle, recent rumors indicate he may have won the war, as there are reports that the two have been hanging out recently.

Given Swift’s history of high-profile relationships and the breakup songs that follow them, NFL and music fans alike are already cracking jokes about the pair’s apparent flirtation.

At this time, while neither Kelce nor Swift have publicly addressed the rumors of a growing relationship between the pair, Kelce did where a John Mayer t-shirt during a recent episode of his podcast, which obviously has fans talking.

Kelce, unfortunately, was on the sidelines for the Kansas City Chiefs opening night loss against the Detroit Lions with a hyperextended knee.

Despite the injury, though, there is a belief within the Chiefs’ organization that Kelce could make his 2023 season debut this weekend against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

As for Swift, who was seen at the MTV VMAs earlier this week (Swift took home nine awards on the night, bringing her tally of total VMA Awards to 23), she’ll continue her massively popular Eras Tour into November, when she will then take a break until February.

According to industry analysts, The Eras Tour, which began back in March 2023, is estimated to have grossed $2.2 billion in ticket sales in North America alone.


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