Thanos Subreddit Is Going To Ban Over 170,000 ‘Avengers’ Fans In One Of The Biggest Reddit Bans Ever

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A Thanos-dedicated subreddit is gearing up to ban over 170,000 members in an Avengers: Infinity War-inspired prank. The ban will be the largest or one of the biggest bans in Reddit’s history.

The r/thanosdidnothingwrong subreddit is dedicated to the big, bad, bald villain of Infinity War. Three months after the forum was created, there was an idea to randomly ban half of their then-20,000 members. User The-Jedi-Apprentice proposed the 50% ban.

However, not all of the subreddit’s members were on board with the move. “You seriously want us to ban half of the subreddit?” user Dragonphlegm asked. “Restore order to this meme haven to please Lord Thanos? It would be the biggest mass ban in reddit history and we’d probably get into some serious trouble, but for the good of Thanos, maybe we will. (We probably won’t) snap.”

The members of the r/thanosdidnothingwrong subreddit took a vote and the random ban would need to receive at least 60,000 upvotes (half of the subreddit’s population at that time) to be initiated. The idea of the ban caused many to join the forum and received 150,000 upvotes. Now half of the subreddit’s members will randomly be banned, including mods. The massive ban goes down on July 9th and the admins are designing a bot to randomly cull half of the members. Now, with the news of the ban, the subreddit has exploded to over 346,000 members who are excited to see if they survive. The treacherous wrath of Thanos continues and soon many redditors won’t feel so good.