‘The Flash’ Producer Ignores Reality, Says ‘All Is Good’ With The Film Despite Ezra Miller’s Ongoing Issues

'The Flash' Producer: 'All Is Good' With The Film Despite Ezra Miller

Warner Bros.

With Batgirl being canceled out of thin air, DC fans have naturally been wondering if any other upcoming DCEU projects will suffer the same fate.

Given the controversy that’s surrounded The Flash star Ezra Miller this year, many movie-goers immediately assumed that the film is at risk of being axed, too. However, according to the producer Barbara Muschietti — the sister of director Andy Muschietti — “all is good in Flash land.”

The producer of The Flash says “all is good in Flash land” following the cancellation of Batgirl

Now, while The Flash may not be at risk of being canned, this is still a wildly inaccurate statement from Muschietti as the star of the film, Ezra Miller, is allegedly “on the run” from authorities amidst a litany of disturbing allegations.

“Friends fear the Flash actor has lost touch with reality as Miller travels the US in body armor and faces new claims of running a cult in Iceland,” Insider reported just this week.

Over the course of 2022 alone, Miller has either been charged with or accused of assault, disorderly conduct, harassment, grooming, and kidnapping and has also been arrested a handful of times, too. One source who encountered Miller this year described the 29-year-old actor as “deranged”, according to Insider.

That same source also said that during a trip with Miller, he “claimed they were an incarnation of Jesus Christ and at one point brandished a gun in a state park.”

However, given the film’s price tag — a reported $200 million — and its narrative importance to the DCEU (The Flash is supposedly set to reboot the franchise), Warner Bros. will likely do everything they can to avoid canceling the project and move forward with its release despite Miller’s ongoing issues.

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