The Rock And Kevin Hart Crushing Each Other With NSFW Insults Is The Best Thing On The Internet Today

the rock kevin hart playground insults

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One of my very favorite things on the internet is BBC Radio 1’s series called “Playground Insults” in which they get two major movie stars to face off in a battle of usually vulgar insults trying to make the other person laugh.

Another one of my very favorite things on the internet is when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart verbally spar and viciously make fun of each other.

So imagine my delight when today I discovered that both of those favorite things on the internet had been combined in one absolutely laugh-out-loud video!

Before even watching The Rock and Hart go at it for BBC Radio 1, I knew the episode would be hilarious. That’s because, as I mentioned, when the two of them spar it’s like watching a top of the line comedy show. These are two men who most definitely have a quick and biting wit and know how to use it.

Back in October, Kevin Hart’s story about what a “diva” The Rock is on set was a perfect example. So was the time they hysterically took turns impersonating each other.

And then there are these (be sure to read the captions and watch the videos)…

Seriously, these two really need their own show.

If after all that you still don’t believe me, just watch this. (At one point Hart even says The Rock has a “tittyhead.”)

Man, these videos are so good…

Like those? Then you also need to watch Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence and then Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg hilariously insult the hell out of each other.

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